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We are Richard and Tracy
Our style of documenting weddings would be categorized as Lifestyle Cinema. We strive to capture authentic moments without much directing. You won’t have to worry about acting or posing towards the camera but simply enjoying your wedding day and living in the moment. 
We film our couples in real­ life situations and capture the milestones in an artistic manner. Our cinematic side comes from how we approach the day as we want you to feel like you are watching a Hollywood movie of your wedding. We accomplish this by using Hollywood-approved cameras,  using the same filming and editing techniques they use to produce romantic feature films.  In the end, we want to create a  visual masterpiece of a wedding film that will be timeless.

Your wedding film is the  perfect  keepsake of capturing your love story on the day you said "I do" so you can relive it time and time again with your family and friends. 

Richard Saenz

I love the art of cinema and the ability to create romantic cinematic films for my couples that will last for a lifetime. I have been filming weddings and events for a decade. I am passionate about my craft and continuously push myself to be better. I have been considered the top wedding videographer in my area and have been awarded the Hall of Fame awards with the Knot. I am truly blessed to have met so many amazing couples over the years. I am excited to capture new love stories as my journey continues. 

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Tracy Saenz

I truly love capturing weddings and find it to be one of the greatest honors for the last 10 years to be so close to our couples on the wedding day. I get to have a front-row seat capturing all of the special moments and I almost feel like I am an honorary bridesmaid on the wedding day, it’s in moments like this that I forget that this is my “job” and more like this is just so much fun! Some of my favorite moments to capture are when the bride puts on her dress, parent dances, and an epic dance party! 

Fun facts
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Our desire is that you enjoy every aspect of your wedding day while keeping you in the moment.

We aim for you to forget that you are being filmed on camera and simply be yourself. We want to capture the day simply as it is unfolding in front of us. There will be minimal directing throughout the day and our goal is when you rewatch your film you will be amazed at all that was captured and not remember ever seeing us capturing the moments.